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Dear Colleagues:

On behalf of the organizing committee I am pleased to invite you to the 43rd European Muscle Conference in Salzburg, Austria, September 10th-14th, 2014 (Wed-Sun). The conference will be held at the Faculty of Natural Sciences, which is close to the historic town. For a special welcome note I have arranged some movies about our venue:

                       Music videos for direct view or download:

                       Gala Dinner [5 MB]               watch      download

                       Congress Building  [6 MB]    watch      download

                       EMC Concert [13 MB]             watch      download

                       Salzburg City [22 MB]            watch      download

                       Video formats with higher resolution and our logo can be
                       downloaded  from here: https://www.sbg.ac.at/aggaller/EMC2014/ 

The conference will cover all aspects of muscle research from basic to applied sciences. It offers an ideal forum for scientific exchange among specialists from different scientific disciplines and among young and senior scientists. Up to 300 participants are expected from Europe, USA, Japan, Australia and many other countries.

The main topics (for oral presentations combined in 7 sessions) and their chair persons are:

  • Contractile Structure (1)  [P. Luther, UK; Y. Maeda, JP]
  • Contractile Function (2)  [B. Brenner, DE; M. Kawai, US]
  • Actomyosin Interaction (3)  [A. Houdusse, FR; C. Tesi, IT]
  • Other Sarcomeric Proteins (4)  [K. Djinovic Carugo, AT; D. Fürst, DE]
  • Excitation-Contraction Coupling (5)  [B. Flucher, AT; G. Lamb, AU]
  • Muscle Development (6), Differentiation and Regeneration (7) 
    [E. Ehler, UK; J. Redowicz, PL]
  • Muscle Plasticity (8), Exercise and Aging (9)  [C. Karatzaferi, GR; M. Sandri, IT]
  • Heart Muscle and Cardiomyopathy (10)  [K. Groschner, AT; G. Stienen, NL]
  • Smooth Muscle (11) and Invertebrate Muscle (12)  [I. Morano, DE; L. Nyitray, HU]
  • Neuromuscular Disease (13)  [L. Larsson, SE; C. Reggiani, IT]

Deadline for submission of abstracts (no figures, no tables) is 15th May 31st May 2014. Deadline for registration with reduced fee is 1st June 2014.


The abstracts of the conference will be published in a special issue of Journal of Muscle Research and Cell Motility. This issue will also contain invited papers, guest edited by
M. Kawai  and G. Lamb. 

The congress will start with a Young Investigator Symposium on Wednesday 10th of September afternoon.

The conference is supported by an International Scientific Board:
A. Houdusse (FR), C. Karatzaferi (GR), M. Kawai (US), G. Lamb (AU), L. Larsson (SE),
P. Luther (UK), Y. Maeda (JP), I. Morano (DE), J. Redowicz (PL), C. Reggiani (IT),
and G. Stienen (NL).

The local organizers are: K. Djinovic Carugo (Vienna), P. Eckl (Salzburg),
B. Flucher (Innsbruck), S. Galler (Salzburg), K. Groschner (Graz),
M. Hohenegger (Vienna), B. Kofler (Salzburg), E. Müller (Salzburg),
A. Sänger (Salzburg), P. Steinbacher (Salzburg), and W. Stoiber (Salzburg).

As social events, the conference will include a Gala dinner in the Salzburg Residenz Palace and a concert in the Salzburg Cathedral (sponsored by football star Franz Beckenbauer). These are actually the venues where the most famous son of the city Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart performed many of his compositions.

We look forward to welcoming you in Salzburg in September 2014.

Dr. Stefan Galler
EMC 2014 Chair


PS: Our congress logo (color or black & withe) can be downloaded from here: https://www.sbg.ac.at/aggaller/EMC2014/Congress_Logo/


PPS: Interested colleagues who were not directly informed by an Email signed by Stefan GALLER are requested to write their email address in this Google document:


Our next circulars will then also include these additional colleagues.

A congress flyer for printing is available here (9 MB)

The Faculty of Natural Sciences (NAWI), University of Salzburg, is our conference location
Salzburg is world cultural heritage. For city information see www.salzburg.info/en
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